Amateur quilting

While my quilting skills are improving they are still someway off being professional. I made the one below for the impending birth of a pseudo step nephew/niece in law (family relations get this complicated!) and managed to have to undo a large part of it in order to get it to work. Still I like the strip chevron idea but need to do it in a bigger pattern to make it less laborious.

The fabric ribbon was found on a small stall in Bishops Castle; I now want to wrap everything I can lay my hands on with it but need to restrain this urge and also come up with a proper project for it.

I have this idea of translating Bauhaus fabric designs/rug designs into quilts but need to source such a huge amount of different coloured fabrics in order to do it that I have made no headway. Inchmark did a piece a while ago about rural American quilting some of which look similar in terms of layout and design.


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