Related book jackets of the day

The previous post on the loveliness of Gore Vidal’s mid-century first editions (all published by E. P. Dutton for whom he worked – later editions have particularly nasty jackets) prompted me to try and find books from my own shelves that have primarily been bought on the strength of the cover. I was particularly looking for a copy of Iris Murdoch’s The Red and the Green – but as it stands I can’t locate it. So, in the process of doing so I found the following. Faber, in particualr, seem to have had a good design team working for them.

I have a feeling that I will chance upon the Murdoch book shortly – that will be the associated problem of moving from somewhere with bespoke shelving to somewhere else where books remain on different bookshelves in different rooms largely in the order that they came out of the packing cases.


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