Tracey Thorn – a 20 year affair

There’s a new Ewan Pearson produced Tracey Thorn track available as a free download from her website.

I once saw Tracey outside a garden centre in Rugby, I think that she and Ben lived in rural Northamptonshire for a time in the early 1990s. I also saw them play Warwick Arts Centre . . . a proper sensible gig experience (this was before they embraced dance music), all seated, all very respectful. They were never local heroes, Rugby had Spacemen 3 to hold that honour . . . and Coventry had, at the time, The Primitives. It was the age of Grebo (see todays Guardian for the low down on this shortly lived moment) and their restrained songwriting and her voice stood out against this backdrop.

Matthew Gascoigne put me on to them when we were taking A-level art together. There was a separate ante-room to the main art classroom where those taking art could spend studio time . . . with the luxury of a tape recorder. When we were in the lower 6th this was ruled by the upper 6th students . . . one of them had a penchant for Don McLean. When we took over the upper 6th position we dominated access to the tape recorder – it also had to be something that didn’t disturb the main classroom, so EBTG won everytime over Slayer.


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