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Outstanding in the field

It’s not (that) often that I get carried away with the idea of having a party – my desire to host and show off is always outweighed by my fear of nobody turning up and it all going horrible wrong – but, there was a link on Design Sponge recently to an American venture called Outstanding in the Field and . . . if I ever get round to having that party, it’s going to be along these lines . . .

weather permitting.

So then of course, I have to start thinking about the perfect outdoor eating menu:

beetroot, feta, blood orange, hazelnut and mint salad

slow roast pork, broad beans, pea shoots and fennel

tarte au citron

I’ll get working on the wine list . . . and the entertainment . . . and what I’m going to wear!


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Note to self

Don’t let other users of the swimming pool annoy you. They may not know the unofficial rules of pool etiquette (no.1 look where you are going), but they will only learn by someone setting them the better example.


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There are days when you come across something so brilliant that it makes you want to give up, for fear of never attaining those heights.I’m not sure now how I came across tas-ka. The website looked nice and the products looked even nicer, I ordered some things, ostensibly for research purposes. Yesterday they turned up. Wrapped like this.

And the products themselves were as good as the wrapping. Gggrrrrrrrrrr.

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The car boot challenge

There’s a weekly car boot in Church Stoke that I would go to every week if I lived a little bit nearer to it. Yesterday’s venture to it brought up a garden soil rake which was swiftly put to good use in the afternoon developing a fine tilth into which the first of the year’s seeds were sown. I have a metal tin of seed packets that I waded through yesterday; note to self, check this tin before buying any other seeds!

As Church Stoke is not exactly convenient last weekend we tried a different one which was somewhere between Bridgnorth, Wolverhampton and Telford. Much bigger in size than the Church Stoke one but endlessly disappointing. I guess that this could have been guessed at; the one I like is largely farmers clearing out their sheds and attics, the other one was more suburban, with Telford one of its tributary streams, a new town is probably only likely to turn up items as old as the town itself. The only thing that cheered me from the entire thing was the sign below.


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Bird watching w/ending March 14th



Coal Tit

Long Tailed Tit

Great Tit




Hedge sparrow






Pied wagtail

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Ideas disturb the levelness of life

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What Moleskine notebooks were made for

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