Hey Mr Blue Sky

Small signs of Spring in the garden this morning – the sedum is sprouting again, the iris leaves are pushing further through and the ravens are starting to tumble.



Filed under Birds, Gardening

3 responses to “Hey Mr Blue Sky

  1. First day of Autumn here, and as if someone flipped a switch it hasn’t stopped raining all day.
    I look forward to a vicarious English country spring through you. No pressure.x

    • Will gladly keep you updated – am just trying to recollect my bird sightings of the past fortnight to keep on top of that aspect as well.

      Last night a trip to Australia was briefly on the cards as Alex was bidding on a watch in a sale in Melbourne – alas, it went for too much, so that plan is temporarily shelved. Ggrrrrrr. x

      • I’ve got a swatch he can have for $50? If you come, you can stay, but you have to bring chocolate. Those are the rules. Oh and because its you, you’ll have to cook for us too.
        I cant believe you saw a kestrel. I love a kestrel.

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