The car boot challenge

There’s a weekly car boot in Church Stoke that I would go to every week if I lived a little bit nearer to it. Yesterday’s venture to it brought up a garden soil rake which was swiftly put to good use in the afternoon developing a fine tilth into which the first of the year’s seeds were sown. I have a metal tin of seed packets that I waded through yesterday; note to self, check this tin before buying any other seeds!

As Church Stoke is not exactly convenient last weekend we tried a different one which was somewhere between Bridgnorth, Wolverhampton and Telford. Much bigger in size than the Church Stoke one but endlessly disappointing. I guess that this could have been guessed at; the one I like is largely farmers clearing out their sheds and attics, the other one was more suburban, with Telford one of its tributary streams, a new town is probably only likely to turn up items as old as the town itself. The only thing that cheered me from the entire thing was the sign below.



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2 responses to “The car boot challenge

  1. Is that your Madhouse carrier bag?

  2. no, but it is my copy of The Bodyguard on video

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