Ottolenghi garlic tart – sort of

The Guardian carried a mini Ottolenghi recipe book a few weekends ago. I discarded it and then found it when sifting through the recycling. Uncommonly there was pastry in the fridge; and not being one to let the lack of a few of the other ingredients listed in the recipe stop me from embarking on something I made a version of it yesterday. Lunch today was therefore easy and vaguely impressive.

You can still find the original recipe for caramelised garlic tart here. For the record: there was no cheese in my version, i substituted single cream for double, I had none of the herbs, and only 2 heads of garlic rather than 3 (padded out with a few small shallots instead). See what I mean about not letting a few missing ingredients get in the way.


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One response to “Ottolenghi garlic tart – sort of

  1. Gary

    Love the spirit of this – adapt, adapt, adapt! I wish more cooks were confident enough to just plough on with whatever’s in the cupboard. Recipes are just inspiration!

    I need to try this garlic tart, I am a (very) recent Ottolenghi convert.

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