The dangers of commenting on someone else’s music taste

If someone tells you that they love Snow Patrol do you let it lie or do your mock to your heart’s content? (Christ, that was a bit of a Carrie Bradshaw sentence formation!)

I chose the latter at the weekend . . . I think the consequences are still playing out. We got to this point by the person in question wondering why the audience at a Snow Patrol gig was such a middle aged anorak wearing (literally) bunch. I ventured that this was because Snow Patrol were the quintessential modern middle of the road outfit. Grumpiness ensued.

And was only countered by a shared appreciation of Tunng. Which still begs the question of how you can like Tunng and Snow Patrol simultaneously. Inevitably conversation then got turned around to a question of “what music do you listen to then?” Which of course requires a balanced and thought through response. How to balance muso obscure with good popular music? Throw in a few curveballs to display a taste for classic pop? Try to not appear too white indie fey.

This one’s for you Sarah!

And this one is just for the hell of it.


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