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I bought a box of drawings at a local auction a fortnight ago. Two of the pieces were signed Reike – for whom I can find no reference. The drawing of the budgies is marked First Prize on the rear; can’t quite work out the location of the illustration, appears to be an office/studio setting but I can’t decide what it is that the guy is doing.


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Rufus – Chelsea Hotel

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Shropshire Summer

Blog hiatus owing to spending day and night with paintbrush in hand and colour charts flickering before my eyes. Will post before and after pictures when there is an ‘after’ that looks significantly different to the ‘before’.

Following photos show some of the things witnessed outside of the orbit of house/screwfix/fired earth.

The last of these may be the only one that requires any explanation. On a walk at Linley over the weekend, Dan introduced me to the free range, bracken eating pigs. He then introduced me to the sport of pig scratching; apparently it works on all sizes of pigs, scratch them on their side repeatedly and they then fall over in some state of contentedness. I urge you to try it. Was tempted to see if all 6 could be ‘felled’ at one time, much as in the manner of spinning plates, but some pigs fall more easily than others. Dan’s brother delights in doing this trick at the local farm/children’s attraction – cue children telling their parents that “that man has just killed the pig”.

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