Kilpeck Church

Owing to the unfeasibly cold temperatures at the end of last week and our dwindling supply of oil . . . and our waiting-to-be-installed wood burners, an enforced day away from the house took place. The church of St Mary and St David at Kilpeck  had featured in the BBC 4 series, Churches: How To Read Them, along with the carved choir stalls of St Laurence’s in Ludlow. Kilpeck stands in prime Hereford countryside, betwixt Hay, Ross and Hereford itself. The big draw is the carving dating from circa 1140 and all virtually intact and untouched since.

Amongst the exterior carvings is a well preserved Sheela-na-gig. A word familiar perhaps to anyone with a passing interest in the works of P J Harvey. The interests of modesty prevent me from being too descriptive here, Google it if you have time; there are 2 more local to me; one at Holdgate and one at Church Stretton but the bulk of them are dotted around Ireland.


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