January 19th 2011

Devoid of access to Scarlet and Violet – not to mention, access to a regular salary, my purchasing of flowers has gone from the Elton John levels of the past to a positively Sister Wendy like level.

So . . . these were a lovely gift from Liza and Kate.

Of course, being the good practical smallholder in the making, I have great intentions of growing my own flowers to cut. Achieved moderate success with this last year and am hoping for greater focus on this in 2011. The snowdrops that I planted in the autumn are already showing as are bulbs that I never knew existed. It’s a process that can only be undertaken once – moving into a new property in the throes of early summer and having to wait for the following spring to know what, if any, bulbs have been planted. And given that the previous owners seemed to confuse the laying down of decking with gardening proper, I held little hope. So . . . we wait with baited breath, and hope that the chickens (to arrive next week and provisionally named Do, Re and Mi – to allow for expansion of the flock) don’t acquire a taste for the infantile buds of yet to open flowers.


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