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Spring blooms

Have freesias and ranunculus every looked so lovely?

both pinched from the ever interesting Design*Sponge.


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Justine Allison

Fresh from West Wales, and via the esteemed Julie Goodwin, lovely ceramicist Justine Allison paid us a visit this morning. We plied her with biscuits and she showed us her lovely work. Haven’t had time to put out the pieces yet but am going to enjoy doing so tomorrow . . . and might be a little bit sad to let them leave the shop.


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Kate Gibb for the Telegraph

I hope it wasn’t my thrilling conversation  . . . or the rather nice carrot cake from The Green Café . . . that distracted Kate from picking up a copy of the Telegraph on Sunday. She’s tracked one down from someone. A fine piece of work I’m sure you’ll agree.

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A day in the life of a shop boy

Not to be confused with a day in the life of a Pet Shop Boy, which I imagine is slightly more . . . metropolitan . . . shall we say.


Was tempted to continue this post with the deft insertion of lots of Pet Shop Boy song titles, however . . . I gave up.

See below for a virtuoso demonstration of the art of how it should be done.


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The Grand Opening

2 Market Street has been under wraps physically and metaphorically for the past few weeks. Aside, that is, from the period when we were painting the exterior of the shop; from a cream and maroon colour scheme to something that according to passers by is either gothic, morbid or funereal; personally I say let’s go with ‘strong’.

Having reassured people that we are not opening an undertakers – many was the time I was tempted to confirm their suspicions and announce that I had that particular person’s cards marked as our first customer – I’m hoping they will be pleasantly surprised come Wednesday morning.

In the meantime, it’s staff training day – aka familiarising ourselves with the card machine.

Fingers crossed.


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