New product alert

I have a much loved leather purse that I bought in the sale of a well known retailer with a high-end store on Westbourne Grove; over the years the leather on this purse has softened magnificently, the lining has long since disintegrated but it has done me proud. Having found a local leather worker (it still raises a few eyebrows when I say I am going to see a man about some leather) and bitten the bullet about having a knife made to cut the appropriate sized piece of leather and chewed further bullets in commissioning a brass embossing stamp – in itself a thing of beauty – I collected our first commissioned pieces yesterday.

One has already found its way into my back pocket.

The stamping process is that which would ordinarily be used in conjunction with silver or gold foil – if I say National Trust leather bookmark you might get the idea – it’s a heated system so effectively it brands the leather.

On equipment that I can deal with in a domestic setting I’ve also made some pencil cases/zipped wallets for the shop as below, which, if it has achieved nothing else, it has at least meant that I have learned hoe to sew in a zip.



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4 responses to “New product alert

  1. Sarah Barter

    And how much are those cheeky things retailing at?


    How long’s the waiting list? x

  3. Sarah Barter

    You are treating us mean to keep us keen. Creating a phenomenon.

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