Toby Ziegler at New Art Gallery Walsall

I missed the opening but made it over to Walsall on Saturday to hear Toby Ziegler in conversation with Elizabeth Neilson from the Zabludowicz Collection on exhibition of the body of work he made for the Collection entitled The Alienation of Objects. A really lovely exhibition, it’s on until June 18th, if you happen to be venturing on to the M6, get off at Walsall and go and have a look.

The photographs above are of his installation at 176 Prince of Wales Road, the Zabludowicz Collection HQ in London. The re-imagining of the pieces for Walsall presents them in a very different way, and in the starkly beautiful spaces of the Caruso St John designed galleries. The New Art Gallery Walsall opened in Feb 2000 replacing the previous gallery. Somewhere in my vast collection of disorganised museum postcards I have 2 cards from the Garman Ryan Collection for which the Walsall gallery was built to house that I bought from it’s previous incarnation.



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