Brown Clee, Brown Rabbit

The life of a budding retailer doesn’t allow much scope for Bank Holidays. I surreptitiously caught glimpses of the weekend’s nuptials via the shop computer and when there were no potential customers in the vicinity – judging that if someone had made a conscious decision to be out and about they were presumably trying to avoid aforementioned celebrations.

So the weekly day off was welcome. No great agenda for the day out, a dissection of an auction sale, a walk to the top of a hill, a spot of gardening. Also spent a while trying to persuade our broody hens that their instincts were false – as yet there’s been no great response to the act of lifting them out of the nesting box (they just make their way back there) so, on the recommendation of some friends, I tried the ice pack in the nest box method. Resilient animals hens; they were a little put out, but that was about the extent of their reaction to this arctic chill. We’ve got used to 3 eggs a day, so dropping to one a day is a bit of a blow.



Filed under Birds, Gardening

3 responses to “Brown Clee, Brown Rabbit

  1. Sarah Barter

    Cute bunny. Is he Hipstamaticed?

  2. Sarah Barter

    Oh I would like to be Instagrammed. Sure it would improve me no end.

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