The sourdough experience

An idea I’ve often toyed with but until recently never attempted. It’s a mythical beast the sourdough starter, subject to its own life force. I have hope for mine but as yet is not providing the bread that I lust after – for that, however, I can still walk 30 paces up the road and buy it from Prices. Not quite the smug experience that I might get from having made it myself but a more immediate sense of glee and satisfaction.

You’ll note no actual pictures of finished loaves. I’ll leave it as is – when the finished loaf looks as good as the dough promises it might then I’ll photograph it. Think I need to change the flours. This one was 100% wholemeal, apparently a white/rye mixture is the way to go. Meanwhile the starter needs feeding again tonight – like a demanding baby.



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2 responses to “The sourdough experience

  1. Loren

    I’m about to have a go at making my first sourdough starter… any tips?

    • Hi Loren – I used the River Cottage Bread book recipe which seems pretty easy. As I said – only one batch of bread made so far and think I will alter flour for next one. Good luck!

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