The joy of tongue

Stop laughing at the back.

Not sure I’m quite ready to deal with the preparation and cooking of tongue myself. But while others (that I trust) are willing to do it, I am willing to eat it. Particularly when it comes in the format below; with some exemplary sourdough and a generous amount of homemade herby mayonnaise. Not my own sourdough note – but there have been big improvements on that front.

This week’s day off thus centred around lunch at the Green Cafe. We had made it to Shobdon Church beforehand – following an article in World of Interiors earlier in the year (at the end of last year?) – however such is the extent of the renovations that the bulk of the Strawberry Hill Gothic interior is not viewable. Did however chance upon a huge walled garden by the church (inaccessible but oh so tempting) and a field of blackcurrant bushes – my favourite summer fruit and an excuse to go back, check on the church renovations and sneak a handful of currants.



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3 responses to “The joy of tongue

  1. Sarah Barter

    I’m rather partial to a spot of tongue. More partial to a cold glass of the white stuff looking so tempting in your photo.

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