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Federer/Nadal in graphic form

Found this via DesignSponge

As a devotee of the school of Federer – here’s hoping that this weekend’s final has a better outcome than the above match.


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Bodged Screenprinting

I’ve been meaning to get around to screenprinting our paper bags for ages. Thought that I had some photo emulsion in the house and couldn’t find it, so ordered some more and set to it. Having watched a few screenprinters at work – I’m talking about you Kate Gibb, you Kate Banazi and you Lisa Jones! – I thought I could master the art of creating a photo emulsion screen in seconds. How wrong I was. Youtube tutorials proved as good as useless and I was left swearing at half exposed screens wondering which of the variables (thickness of emulsion, exposure times, lack of pressure washer) was to blame. I cleaned the screens (another process which left me swearing at them) and tried again. Yesterday I had success(ish), I say ish as I think I still need to buy a pressure washer to be able to produce a thin line screen – off to Screwfix me thinks.

To add insult to injury I had the lovely Marcus Walters and his wife Hayley in the shop on Saturday (post initial swearing session) – I refrained from quizzing them as to the reason for my screen failure. Marcus is scheduled to have a show at Material in Ludlow later this year – very much looking forward to that.

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Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You?

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Father’s Day

I don’t do Father’s Day as a rule (rule excepted when I’m trying to sell someone a Father’s Day greetings card in the shop), but I’ve just come across Dear Photograph and although not explicitly for yesterday was touched by this image and the message underneath it which reads: Dear Photograph, Dad always had the comfiest shoulder. David. Of course it could just be the box balls that sent me a little “tender”.

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Cake, cake and more cake

If I had the patience I would make cakes like this.

Actually it’s not a lack of patience that would stop me from doing it, its an overriding controlling attitude that would see me rearranging the colours as soon as one of the cakes was removed and wanting to constantly refill the plate so that it always looked near perfect.

Image half inched from House of Origin.

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Marches Supper Society

After a few months of planning, the inaugural Marches Supper Society event took place on June 4th. In the lineage of great tabloid reveals, the veil of secrecy can be lifted and I can stand proud as one those behind the moniker. One of my cohorts is less keen on being named and shamed, the other is the estimable Henry Mackley. Of course Observer Food Monthly has already deemed secret supper clubs as passé, but . . . with Shropshire being somewhat behind the curve we can claim to be immune from such metropolitan whims.

Our guests on Saturday ate and drank the following. Homemade lemonade w/ raspberries, mint and vodka, roasted almonds, early summer vegetables w/ herby mayonnaise, rabbit, pistachio and prune terrine w/ pickled gherkins and sourdough, roast garlic and pea soup, ham hock w/ broad beans, asparagus and new potatoes, saffron and tomato tart with salad, warm gooseberry cake w/ elderflower ice cream, coffee and shortbread. What lessons have we learnt from this? A functioning dishwasher would be useful, Henry has  conquered a fear of playing waiter, some umbellifers smell more ‘fragrant’ than others and should not be included in any table decorations and . . . there’s a demand for what we are doing.

Some of our guests knew each already other but everyone seemed to be getting on from our kitchen viewpoint. I think we will be doing it again.

We’re planning to make it a monthly happening, not necessarily in the same venue – it would be nice to mix up this element of the endeavour – but keeping it local, and sticking to our combined ideas of what good food (and a good menu) constitutes.

(thanks to Sian for the photo)

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The unofficial Ludlow postcard

I’ve written before about my near obsession with old postcards. I’ve finally found a sensible use for (one of) them. Cue the first proper bit of Black Bough publicity material – the unofficial tourist postcard. Not sure the tourist board would want images of 1970s Ludlow to become the mainstay of their attempts to draw visitors to the town, but I wish they did. Apparently the original image of the postcard must date from post August 1972; number plate dating will be as widespread a technique for future historians as carbon dating and counting tree rings are now . . . maybe.

Put together with the help of the ever patient Mr Sean Alexander,

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