Bodged Screenprinting

I’ve been meaning to get around to screenprinting our paper bags for ages. Thought that I had some photo emulsion in the house and couldn’t find it, so ordered some more and set to it. Having watched a few screenprinters at work – I’m talking about you Kate Gibb, you Kate Banazi and you Lisa Jones! – I thought I could master the art of creating a photo emulsion screen in seconds. How wrong I was. Youtube tutorials proved as good as useless and I was left swearing at half exposed screens wondering which of the variables (thickness of emulsion, exposure times, lack of pressure washer) was to blame. I cleaned the screens (another process which left me swearing at them) and tried again. Yesterday I had success(ish), I say ish as I think I still need to buy a pressure washer to be able to produce a thin line screen – off to Screwfix me thinks.

To add insult to injury I had the lovely Marcus Walters and his wife Hayley in the shop on Saturday (post initial swearing session) – I refrained from quizzing them as to the reason for my screen failure. Marcus is scheduled to have a show at Material in Ludlow later this year – very much looking forward to that.


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