Elisabeth Luard – A Cook’s Year in a Welsh Farmhouse

It’s Ludlow Food Festival this weekend . . . cue much trumpeting of food credentials, food miles and, owing to ludicrous Network Rail decision to suspend services to Ludlow over the weekend, increased traffic. Our food festival window is in place (judging takes place tomorrow – cue tears and tantrums) and I’ve had my delivery from Bloomsbury of stock for Elisabeth Luard to sign on Saturday.

I’m planning to bake a couple of things from her book for our delightful customers, including the almond and cardomom cookies pictured below. As per a previous post – if you would like to be the proud owner of a signed copy of this esteemed tome (or give it away to someone you really like) then let us know and we’ll reserve one for you; likewise if you want a dedicated message delicately scribed by the author. I may even dig out a decent pen instead of an end chewed bic.


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