Unplanned Magic

Ludlow will not know what has hit it. In a combined pincer style movement Black Bough and Material are hosting concurrent exhibitions under the same title. Kate Gibb will be exhibiting at Black Bough and Marcus Walters will be exhibiting at Material.

Kate and Marcus are friends, we’re friends with Material, it all seems so sensible!

As well as their artworks we are working on a range of items to go alongside the show – tea towels, notebooks, novelty erasers, tins of fudge and pencils with an extended label on the end of it stating ‘I visited Unplanned Magic by Marcus Walters and Kate Gibb at Material and Black Bough in Ludlow’. Some of these products are an untruth, some are not. You’ll have to visit to find out which is which.

The private views are both on Friday October 7th, Marcus Walter’s at Material is from 6-8 and Kate Gibb’s at ours is from 7-9 – so everyone can go to both of them. Please come along. If you can’t make it we’ll be showing the works on our respective websites.



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2 responses to “Unplanned Magic

  1. Sarah Barter

    Ahem, I would like a hand tooled and fringed leather book mark in maroon and gold please.

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