In the spirit of collaboration

One of the things that I most miss about my previous (more metropolitan) life is the contact with artists – they’re a unique proposition; mostly funny, mostly adroit and mostly fully entrenched in their practice. Unplanned Magic, our collaborative exhibition with Material of the work of Kate Gibb and Marcus Walters gave me the opportunity to hang around in a studio again, to be in receipt of more interesting e-mails than usual and to feel the dizzy breeze of a plan coming together.

Kate and I had often pored over World of Interiors together and from the outset we knew that, although the timescale was short, that we would put together a small range of products to accompany her exhibition. It’s been a bit like a pass the parcel game of product design. I sent blank tea towels to Marcus and Hayley in Stroud, Marcus and Kate came up with a design, Hayley printed it, Marcus made the paper bands and come opening night we had them in store. The notebooks operated similarly; I ordered the paper and card from Paperback, sent it to Kate in London, she printed them and sent them back to me in Shropshire where I sliced, stitched and bound them.

They’re a limited edition so come and get them – either in store or on-line at both Material and Black Bough.



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3 responses to “In the spirit of collaboration

  1. Rachel

    Save me a tea towel.x

  2. Underwood

    That shot of the show looks fantastic. Kate’s sense of colour is always a thing to envy. Shame I don’t need a new tea towel… I need a new kitchen!

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