Esme Winter

For proof that aimless surfing of t’internet can draw good returns look no further. For such was the method by which I came across Esme Winter’s work.

The brilliant Liz Willmore, my erst-while colleague and super-friend (not erst-while super-friend, she’s still my super-friend) has for the past couple of years been in charge of the online content for Liberty. The blog section of the Liberty site was always a carefully hidden gem; nice little interviews with members of staff at Liberty, the first news about product developments, and short film pieces about their Open Call days. At the end of the most recent of these, Esme Winter cropped up, in the far corner of the screen was a sample of one of her paper designs; enough to pique my interest. A short google (other search engines do exist, etc. etc.) search later, I found her website, she was sending me samples and I was putting together an order. I’ve been stockpiling Lisa Jones wrapping paper before their dwindling supplies run out, but now have the perfect replacement in stock. Esme’s work is more 30s in style; if the Bloomsbury Group had stopped painting the fireplaces at Charleston and settled down to a wrapping paper range this is what they might have come up with.

As soon as I take and upload some photos Esme’s notebooks will be available in our on-line shop.

ps. Liberty Liz is soon to be L’Oreal Liz (because she’s worth it)



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4 responses to “Esme Winter

  1. Ed

    Will stop peppering your blog with comments soon, promise. Maybe not as lovely as Esme Winter’s but still nice none-the-less, have you seen Judd Street Papers? Some original designs from Bawden, Nash et al. Likely designed initially for Curwen Press.

  2. Super Friend Liz Willmore

    Why have I only just seen this mention? Finally, I have made it. x

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