Stir up Sunday – the cake version

Traditionally stir up Sunday is the last Sunday before Advent, and I think only applies to Christmas pudding. Autumn term half-term was always the marker when I was growing up for the cake to be made; these days I think it depends on whim. The whim struck last week.

I’ve learnt, at the knee of Nigel Slater (figuratively, not literally) not to be relatively relaxed about the dried fruits. He gives a general quantity for combined weight of currants, sultanas etc and another combined weight for other dried fruit. I don’t see the point in currants (maybe an consequence of having a pet rabbit) so a combination of sultanas, raisins and cranberries went in my cake together with apricots, fig and dried pear (we’ll see how the last of these works out, they are off script and untested). The occasional feed of something boozy will now happen and undoubtedly I will leave a decision about icing and marzipan until the last moment. The basic recipe I used is the one in the Kitchen Diaries, which is a smaller version of the one in Appetite. May I also recommend the Silverwood multi size cake tin; it basically gives you free rein to make whatever size square cake, or indeed multiple separate cakes that you desire.




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  1. Rachel

    Too much time on your hands!…make me one too. x

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