Damp underfoot

The sunlight on the garden

Hardens and grows cold,

We cannot cage the minute

Within its nets of gold;

When all is told

We cannot beg for pardon.

Louis MacNeice


I particularly like that deceptive light that comes from the fall of light coloured leaves on to the ground. Last week I went for a rather soggy walk straight out from my house, up a hill and then back down through some woodland. The bleached yellow leaves on the ground in the woodland made for the strange sensation of there being almost no tonal difference between what was above and what was below foot, like a jaundiced version of walking through snow with grey skies. It’s a fleeting moment. Yesterday I reclaimed the grass in our front garden from the carpeting of fallen birch leaves. I think there’s probably enough leaves still on the tree to mean that I have one more of these jobs to do before winter proper.



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2 responses to “Damp underfoot

  1. Sarah Barter

    For one scary moment I thought you had started penning poetry……

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