The Black Bough skiing album

I jest. The prospect of team Black Bough on the slopes is one that I can’t foresee becoming a reality. I quite fancy the idea of it – just not the prospect of learning how to do it. Neither do i fancy the technical ski-wear – a shirt, pair of trousers and jacket (as here) is more the look I see myself attempting.

Instead the Back Bough ski album is something that I’ve been sitting on for a number of years and have finally got round to documenting. Picked up in a Swiss flea market, the annotation inside front cover dates it to May 1945 although it was gifted to someone in May 1946. I love the look of German as a handwritten language it is however nigh impossible to decipher. They are alpine scenes but whether they are Swiss, German or Austrian I have no idea. It’s a small album and the images here, from top to bottom, are as they are in the album from front to back.


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