Red Phone Green Phone

Back in the day Kate Gibb and I had a running joke regarding using a mobile phone which grew out of a conversation she had had with a client in Japan. When I say joke we are stretching the limits of what anyone would find amusing but stick with me . . . we did.

Things have come full circle; Kate’s only gone and designed a really lovely couple of iPhone covers (other smart phones do exist etc. etc.) and very nice they are too. You’ll have to have a pretty good grasp of Japanese if you want to order one though . . . from here.

One of these prints is part derived from a box of playshapes that Kate covets massively – she’s deployed them before. They feature on her cover for My Computer’s No CV – a record that turned precisely no-one’s world upside down but which should have done. My Computer was the source of another long running joke – but I’ll save that one for a rainy day.



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