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Hergest, Whimble and Powis

In some mid stage between moving out of our London home and into our Shropshire home I took a cutting from a plant in our garden there and gave it to a friend in Shropshire. I’ve since coveted this same plant. The current caretaker of it doesn’t really get it as a plant – she says that it doesn’t do anything, by which she means that it doesn’t flower. The plant in question is Rubus Lineatus and my plant was bought from Great Dixter a good decade ago; it’s not in their current plant catalogue and is somewhat scarce. Crug Farm in North Wales have it (always a good sign) but I think that I may try and avail myself of a cutting from it’s current Shropshire location before I commit to that.

Given the deluge gardening opportunities have been scarce of late. I have however dodged the showers and visited 3 contrasting garden experiences in the past week; Hergest Croft in Herefordshire (reminded me why I like Erythronium and dislike Camelia), Whimble Nursery in Powys (picked up some lovely ruffled dark velvet Auricula) and Powis Castle (steep, and home to an amazing tree peony in the glass house). Succinct enough?!


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The FT

I feel that I might have exhausted every social media platform apart from this one crowing about our appearance in the FT How To Spend It magazine last weekend. So just in case there is some unknown corner of the internet that I haven’t yet reached . . . I give you . . .

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The Style Council

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