A Black Bough wedding invite . . . nb. not ours

Within the first few weeks of Black Bough opening we chanced upon some old stock, fold-out Ludlow postcards – one set from the 50s and sepia and the other set in glorious 60s technicolour. There was a veritable pile of these things – all sitting in the window of a distinctly old school newsagents and most of them sunbleached or covered in dust. Reader, we bought them.

They’ve sold consistently and when they’ve all sold – they will have all sold. I dare say that it is not economically viable for us to try and reproduce them.

One of our friends is getting married later this year and being somewhat handy with paper restoration (and thus undaunted by the scruffier end of our selection) she decided to use the sepia fold-out postcards as the basis of her wedding invitation. She’s done a lovely job.

Note – important info omitted from invite to prevent the vast readership of this blog from turning up at the designated venue for a free lunch . . . . you know who you are!


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