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Hard Candy

It just about feels ok to be playing Tracey Thorn’s new Christmas album now. I still find myself forwarding through her version of Have Yourself A Merry Christmas just because I feel like that should be the preserve of December onwards only.

Alongside the new pieces that she has written for the album are a number of cover versions of songs that reference winter and the cold if not your actual Christmas. A quick trawl through Spotify reveals an alarming number of these tracks also appear on various incarnations of Glee: The Christmas Album but did also bring up this cover of Hard Candy Christmas by RuPaul. Enjoy.


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Secret Santa . . . and other missed opportunities

It’s dawned on me that there are whole areas of office culture that are beyond my ken, and that are unlikely to ever darken my door.

I’ve never had a job interview.

I’ve never been to a work related conference.

I’ve never had a work contract.

I’ve never had to deal with an HR department.

I’ve never been to a works Christmas party.

There are of course swings and roundabouts to all of these statements. Have only been thinking about this because the culture of a Secret Santa is also alien to me and we were trying to work out the pricing boundaries at work when engaged in this.

So . . . in the £5 area:

And in the £10 region


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