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Red Phone Green Phone

Back in the day Kate Gibb and I had a running joke regarding using a mobile phone which grew out of a conversation she had had with a client in Japan. When I say joke we are stretching the limits of what anyone would find amusing but stick with me . . . we did.

Things have come full circle; Kate’s only gone and designed a really lovely couple of iPhone covers (other smart phones do exist etc. etc.) and very nice they are too. You’ll have to have a pretty good grasp of Japanese if you want to order one though . . . from here.

One of these prints is part derived from a box of playshapes that Kate covets massively – she’s deployed them before. They feature on her cover for My Computer’s No CV – a record that turned precisely no-one’s world upside down but which should have done. My Computer was the source of another long running joke – but I’ll save that one for a rainy day.



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In the spirit of collaboration

One of the things that I most miss about my previous (more metropolitan) life is the contact with artists – they’re a unique proposition; mostly funny, mostly adroit and mostly fully entrenched in their practice. Unplanned Magic, our collaborative exhibition with Material of the work of Kate Gibb and Marcus Walters gave me the opportunity to hang around in a studio again, to be in receipt of more interesting e-mails than usual and to feel the dizzy breeze of a plan coming together.

Kate and I had often pored over World of Interiors together and from the outset we knew that, although the timescale was short, that we would put together a small range of products to accompany her exhibition. It’s been a bit like a pass the parcel game of product design. I sent blank tea towels to Marcus and Hayley in Stroud, Marcus and Kate came up with a design, Hayley printed it, Marcus made the paper bands and come opening night we had them in store. The notebooks operated similarly; I ordered the paper and card from Paperback, sent it to Kate in London, she printed them and sent them back to me in Shropshire where I sliced, stitched and bound them.

They’re a limited edition so come and get them – either in store or on-line at both Material and Black Bough.


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Kate Gibb Notebooks

After Marches Supper last night I’ve finally managed to crack on with making up the notebooks to go alongside Kate Gibb’s show at Black Bough. I think I’ve just about mastered the art of the most basic form of bookbinding – have bookbinders tools and thread, will make books . . . of a sort. They’ll be available from the shop and online soon in both A5 and A6 size, 40 pages of unlined recycled 110gm stock. A5 notebooks shown in the pictures below . . . from beginning to end.

e fi

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Unplanned Magic

Ludlow will not know what has hit it. In a combined pincer style movement Black Bough and Material are hosting concurrent exhibitions under the same title. Kate Gibb will be exhibiting at Black Bough and Marcus Walters will be exhibiting at Material.

Kate and Marcus are friends, we’re friends with Material, it all seems so sensible!

As well as their artworks we are working on a range of items to go alongside the show – tea towels, notebooks, novelty erasers, tins of fudge and pencils with an extended label on the end of it stating ‘I visited Unplanned Magic by Marcus Walters and Kate Gibb at Material and Black Bough in Ludlow’. Some of these products are an untruth, some are not. You’ll have to visit to find out which is which.

The private views are both on Friday October 7th, Marcus Walter’s at Material is from 6-8 and Kate Gibb’s at ours is from 7-9 – so everyone can go to both of them. Please come along. If you can’t make it we’ll be showing the works on our respective websites.


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Bodged Screenprinting

I’ve been meaning to get around to screenprinting our paper bags for ages. Thought that I had some photo emulsion in the house and couldn’t find it, so ordered some more and set to it. Having watched a few screenprinters at work – I’m talking about you Kate Gibb, you Kate Banazi and you Lisa Jones! – I thought I could master the art of creating a photo emulsion screen in seconds. How wrong I was. Youtube tutorials proved as good as useless and I was left swearing at half exposed screens wondering which of the variables (thickness of emulsion, exposure times, lack of pressure washer) was to blame. I cleaned the screens (another process which left me swearing at them) and tried again. Yesterday I had success(ish), I say ish as I think I still need to buy a pressure washer to be able to produce a thin line screen – off to Screwfix me thinks.

To add insult to injury I had the lovely Marcus Walters and his wife Hayley in the shop on Saturday (post initial swearing session) – I refrained from quizzing them as to the reason for my screen failure. Marcus is scheduled to have a show at Material in Ludlow later this year – very much looking forward to that.

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Kate Gibb for the Telegraph

I hope it wasn’t my thrilling conversation  . . . or the rather nice carrot cake from The Green Café . . . that distracted Kate from picking up a copy of the Telegraph on Sunday. She’s tracked one down from someone. A fine piece of work I’m sure you’ll agree.

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January 19th 2011

Devoid of access to Scarlet and Violet – not to mention, access to a regular salary, my purchasing of flowers has gone from the Elton John levels of the past to a positively Sister Wendy like level.

So . . . these were a lovely gift from Liza and Kate.

Of course, being the good practical smallholder in the making, I have great intentions of growing my own flowers to cut. Achieved moderate success with this last year and am hoping for greater focus on this in 2011. The snowdrops that I planted in the autumn are already showing as are bulbs that I never knew existed. It’s a process that can only be undertaken once – moving into a new property in the throes of early summer and having to wait for the following spring to know what, if any, bulbs have been planted. And given that the previous owners seemed to confuse the laying down of decking with gardening proper, I held little hope. So . . . we wait with baited breath, and hope that the chickens (to arrive next week and provisionally named Do, Re and Mi – to allow for expansion of the flock) don’t acquire a taste for the infantile buds of yet to open flowers.

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